Wednesday, 29 April 2015

To the far North

Magnaman did the Far North last weekend.
First stop was at Ruawai, which is about 17 km SSE of Dargaville on the east bank of the Wairoa River. 
The strip runs east  - west and is the home of the Otamatea Aero Club and their Alpi Pioneer 200 ZK-LPR.
Nobody home.

Next stop was Dargaville where he met Brian Taylor owner of Fly Synthesis Storch S ZK-SAQ (c/n 402A-364).
 This aircraft had been damaged back in September of 2013. 
Brian purchased it and rebuilt it and had it flying again from 17-09-2014.
Brian was down to check on the Fly Synthesis S Storch ZK-DAQ2 (c/n FIBC4980D2DD) of the local Dargaville Aero Club.
The best time to visit Dargaville is Saturday lunch time.
Not long landed at Dargaville was Rusty Russell's AutoGyro Europe MT03 Eagle ZK-KIW2 (c/n NZ009).
And the Mark Norgate Sonex ZK-VDB (c/n 1070) arrives from Whangarei.

 At Kerikeri - just the two aircraft parked out. 
The PAC 750XL ZK-JQK (c/n 118) as listed with Tandem Skydive (2002) Ltd.
 The 750XL's smaller older brethren Fletcher FU24-954 ZK-JAA (c/n 259) was having ANZAC Day off.
This was originally cranked out as ZK-EMH and listed to NZAI on 21-11-1978. 
It was re-registered as ZK-JAA on 06-04-1979 and joined James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton on 24-04-1979. In September of 1984 it went to D and M Starr of Dargaville and then to Super Air in mid October 2000.

Kaitaia had only the parked and covered Vans ZK-JRV.

With the rain set in there was just the single aircraft to be seen at Whangarei .
Piper PA-32-260 Cherokee Six ZK-NZA3 (32-402) was withdrawn and de-registered on 28-05-2014.
This is a 1966 model which arrived at Auckland on 24-05-1994 and continued to fly under is US registration N3518W until early 1996 when it became ZK-NOW.
It was re-registered as ZK-NZA3 on 27-07-1999


  1. JAA was at Waipukarau tied down no engine.for a few years ,is this the same air frame .Was it owned by a MR Hunt.?

  2. That's JAB of Barry Hunt

  3. Evening Anon and Thomarse.

    You are correct there Thomarse. ZK-JAB went to Hunt Aerial Top Dressing from 08-04-1997. I saw it at Ypuk on 15-03-2000 still in a full Fieldair Holdings Ltd scheme. It is still listed to Hunt ATD.

  4. That Cherokee is the reason Air NZ cudnt have it for their 1st 789. They didnt want NZB as it was carried by DC8 that crashed at
    AKL but wanted NZA as it was the rego of first jet airliner in NZ.

  5. On SAQs rebuild Allan supplied the parts, Dennis supplied the air riveter, Mark reconnected some wireing, But Brian did all the rebuild