Sunday, 4 August 2019


A  new addition to the Tauranga Gliding Club is the Sportine Aviacija LAK-17B FES which was registered as ZK-GFS2 on 17-07-2019
The LAK-17B is an all composite glider with a new profile wing giving a higher wing loading than the A model. 
It meets the FAI 15 and 18m class requirements, with I believe 21m wing tips now available.
It carries water ballast in wings and tailplane
This is a first of type for NZ with its type acceptance being gained on 05-07-2019.

The 'FES' in its designation stands for Front Electric Sustainer.
It can be aero towed or winch launched - as per normal - and once airborne can sustain flight using the electric power  unit.
A close look at the above photo from Warwick Hamilton shows the propeller blade folded back beside the nose.
This engine is a brushless DC synchronous permanent magnet FES-LAK-M100 unit with the batteries located in the central fuselage.
Well done the Tauranga Gliding Club.

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