Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Asso Champion V (Only One) of New Zealand

The next type of sport aircraft to be registered in new Zealand was the Asso Chamion V

The Asso Champion V was designed by Giuseppe Vidor of Tovena in Italy, and the prototype first flew on 10 June 1995.  It was offered as plans for homebuilding by Giuseppe Vidor's company Asso Aerei Sri (Ace Aircraft Ltd).  Guiseppe Vidor was a prolific homebuilt aircraft designer who produced a series of wooden aircraft from the Asso 1 up to the Asso IX.

The Asso V formed the basis of the Alpi 300 and the dimensions of the two aircraft are very similar.  However the Asso V is typically powered by a less powerful engine and therefore has a lower cruising speed.

The aircraft's specifications are:  length 6.10 metres (20 feet), wingspan 8.32 metres (27 feet 4 inches) and the wing area is 120 square feet.  The empty weight in New Zealand is 449 Kg (990 pounds).  With a 75 HP engine the cruise speed is around 125 mph and the stall speed with full flaps is around 40 mph.  

We have had one Asso Champion V in New Zealand to date: 

ZK-OSC (c/n 286) was built by Grahame O Fletcher of Blenheim and was registered to him on 3/2/11.  The registration OSC is for Grahame's middle name of Oscar.  It is powered by a 92HP 4 cylinder 2 stroke Hirth engine powering a constant speed IVO propeller.

It is photo'd above at Omaka on 9/3/12.  There is at least one more Asso Champion V being built in New Zealand that I am aware of so we might see another one eventually.

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