Monday, 15 October 2018

Top of the South

Passing through Blenheim/Omaka on Saturday I captured the Gippsland GA200C ZK-DPC2 (c/n 200C9831) of Patchett Ag-Air 2015 Ltd which had just parked outside the Marlborough Aero Club hangar following a training flight.
 An earlier post on ZK-DPC can be found Here.
Note the change of markings.
Of interest was the Schempp-Hirth Nimbus 2 ZK-GEW2 (c/n 132) as listed with Grant E Wills of Blenheim.
Followers of the N Z gliding scene may recognise this glider as being the original ZK-GLA as registered to Dave Speight of Te Anau on 17-03-1977.  
Ray Lynskey took it over from April 1983 and proceeded to rewrite the NZ gliding record book. 
It was sold onto Martyn Cook of Pukerua Bay in October of 1995.
The above three are well known names in NZ gliding - with Dave Speight selling his Cirrus ZK-GHO to get into ZK- GLA. Ray Lynskey had the Cirrus ZK-GJJ before buying ZK-GLA from Dave- he then moved on to the Ventus cM ZK-GXL followed by the Ventus 2cM ZK-GLA2. Martyn Cook had the Discus B ZK-GXN before ZK-GLA and got the LS8-18 ZK-GZN later.
 It was listed to the Vause Family Trust of Blenheim in September of 2001 and then to Grant Wills who re-registered - using his initials - as ZK-GEW2 on 24-01-2003.
Up at Takaka back on the 7th I spied the Cessna TU206F Turbo Stationair ZK-OAY (c/n TU20602397) as listed with Southbranch Farm Ltd of Christchurch.
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