Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Otago Aero Club Flyaway to Kyeburn Station 28/10/18

The Otago Aero Club organised a flyaway last Sunday to Kyeburn Station, which is near Ranfurly inland from Oamaru.  Reuben Morison flew in the R&B Bearhawk ZK-FHR2 and took the photos below:

Some of the aircraft on the Kyeburn strip.  Reuben advised that the aircraft on the flyaway were ZK-FHR2 Bearhawk, ZK-WET3 (Searey), ZK-XAS and ZK-ZMB (Rans S6) ZK-WAL3 (Rans S-7), ZK-KLA2 (Archer II), ZK-EBI (Arrow), ZK-RVI (RV4), ZK-MFD (Rans S-20), and ZK-KTN2 (Australian Aviation Works Karatoo J6 C).  Most of the aircraft were from Taieri but ZK-MFD and ZK-KTN2 came from Alexandra.

 Rans S 20 Raven ZK-MFD on take off.

 Rans S 7 ZK-WAL3...

 Rans S 6S ZK-ZMB...

  and Rans S 6S ZK-XAS...

and finally Craig Buist's latest Searaey ZK-WET3.

Thanks very much for the photos Reuben.

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  1. Nice to get some Southern news.
    Keep it coming please Rueben.