Tuesday, 2 October 2018

The Vintage Aviator Pilots Flying Day at Masterton 29-9-2018

When you are in Wellington on the last weekend of the month from September, a trip over to the Wairarapa is well worthwhile if the weather is good and the wind is not too strong.

Such was the case on 29 September when I was able to travel to Masterton to see what The Vintage Aviator wheeled out for their pilot's flying day.  These events are not open to the public but you can visit the SVAS cafe and see the aircraft over the fence - great if you have a telephoto lens.  I counted around a dozen of TVAL's amazing WW 1 aircraft out in the sun, with 6 of them flying during the afternoon.

The Vintage Aviator RE 8-1 reproduction ZK-REK.

Fokker Dr-1 Triplane replica ZK-JOK.

Addems-Pfieffer Nieuport 11 replica ZK-NIM.

The Vintage Aviator SE-5A-1 reproduction ZK-SEO.

Fokker D VII replica ZK-FOD2.

and Fokker D VIII replica ZK-FEV2.

which has a very distinctive end on silhouette.

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