Thursday, 11 October 2018

A Couple from Wellington on 28-9-2018

A quick trip to Wellington International a couple of weeks ago produced a couple of out of town visitors:

Piper PA 31 Navajo ZK-LTD (c/n 31-73009180) is registered to Avia Air Charter Ltd of Hamilton.  It was ex VH-JKC and has been registered in New Zealand on 28/4/93.  It is now onto its sixth owner and I do not think it has been posted on the blog previously (but it is not much use searching under LTD!).

In the background is the new Wellington leaning control tower which is now operational.

And outside the Life Flight hangar the Hawkes Bay Kawasaki BK-117-2 Rescue Helicopter ZK-IBK2 (c/n 1053) departed.  It is sponsored by the Lowe Corporation and is operated by Skyline Aviation Ltd of Napier.  The registration is partly obscured by the winch.

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