Sunday, 7 October 2018

Wessex's moved to Classic Flyers Museum Tauranga

Caribou kindly sent me this late evening photo of the three Westland Wessex helicopters after their delivery to Classic Flyers Museum at Tauranga Airport on Wednesday 19-09-2018.
See the article from the Sun Live newspaper re the delivery of the five Wessex helicopters to Classic Flyers at Tauranga Airport Here
Don't believe everything that you read !

I believe that five HC2 models arrived in 2004 for Helilogging.
S/n XR511 with c/n WA136
                  XR588 with c/n WA121 (Heart)
                  XS675 with c/n WA194 (Spade)
                        XT680 with c/n WA548 (Diamond)
                XV730 with c/nWA625 (Club)

Can anyone confirm this list please ?

We have had at least seven additional airframes - three of which made it onto our civil aircraft register.


  1. XR588 should read XT606 which became ZK-HBF. I agree you should not believe everything you read. I was the one who was interviewed by the paper and I quite clearly told them Royal Air Force not RNZAF or Navy. Peter Layne

  2. Hi
    three of these helicopters were transported up SH2 on monday from Tauranga to an unkknown destination.