Saturday, 15 September 2012

Tail dragger day at Hastings.

Bridge Pa (Hastings Aerodrome) had their annual Tail Dragger Fly-in today (Sat 15-09-2012).

Weather wasn't bad early on but the wind got up later which made for some interesting Spot landing and Take Off's. This also affected visiting Aircraft as rest of the Country was WX out.

Here are four pics stolen from Nick's Aviation Hawkes Bay blog site.

For more of his pics go to :
(don't forget to click on "Older Posts" at he bottom of the page for more pics.
Top pic is the Chisum DH60G ZK-ADT (c/n 1101).
 Above -I do not know ! (Upside down Maranda !).
Gavin Grimmer's Maranda AMF-S14 DIXW ZK-JGR (c/n 1005-1) with John Holland's Cessna 180D ZK-RJH behind.
Above; Hallett Griffin stoking the fire on his Beaver ZK-AZB (c/n 156).

Thanks to Nick for the stolen pics and the heads up on his blog re-start.


  1. The unknown aircraft is Gavin Grimmers own design and built towplane

  2. Thank you Sir Minty.
    So this is the talked about "SkyLux" then.

  3. Therefore the registration ZK-SLX!

  4. Altho noted not on Rego site as tried to look up and said did not compute ?.......