Friday, 28 September 2012

Even more from Pukaki.

Ryan flew into Pukaki in the John Baynes Team Rocket F1 Rocket ZK-FIZ2 (c/n 173).
Below is what NZ Aviation News said about this aircraft when it first appeared on the register in April last year.
"The Team Rocket ZK-FIZ2 was the last available F1 Rocket kit marketed by Team Rocket from Texas, who’s boss Mark Frederick operates Frederick Custom Airframe, which specialised in the past in building and support for Vans RV & Harman Rocket builders. The F1 Rocket has evolved from the Vans RV4 via the Harmon Rocket. Changes include a longer and wider fuselage, shorter and stronger wings and the installation of a Lycoming IO-540 engine and a three bladed Hartzell propeller. The instrument panel has an Advanced Flight Systems 3500 glass cockpit linked to an AvMap EKP IV GPS, and Becker radios. Although closely resembling the Harmon Rocket, the F1 Rocket is a purpose built kit built for Team Rocket by a firm in the Czech Republic incorporating some subtle differences. Most noteworthy is the interchangeable wing option of either the straight RV4 style (like the Harmon Rocket) or the Czech tapered wing with built in twist and fowler flaps. This is known as the EVO and is the wing fitted to ZK-FIZ. This was a quick build kit with extensive work being done in Texas before its arrival in NZ. Final assembly was by the team at Gore under the eagle eye of Peter Kempthorne. Test pilot is to be Ryan Southam from Mandeville. John already has the Vans RV4 ZK-RVZ and the Tiger Moth ZK-BAH, so it was a natural upward step to the F1 Rocket. The aircraft is stressed for +6 and -3g and has a top speed of around 190kts and climb rate in excess of 3000ft/min. So the registration reflects the F1 name and its peppy performance = FIZ".
Near the other end of the performance scale is the Australian Aircraft Hornet STOL ZK-JCM (c/n 023) over from Wanaka with Ian Galloway.
Locally based is the Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-KOT (c/n 06081887-ES) as listed to James Leslie on 01-03-2012.
Two Alpi Aviation Pioneer's - Above the 200 ZK-LPB (c/n NZ20013, and previously ZK-LPS) of Graham Smith from Timaru.
Below is the 300 ZK-MIH2 (c/n 88, and previously ZK-LPT) of Murray Hagen from Te Anau.


  1. FIZ was actually flown by me not John. I also flew Tiger 43 ZK-BRL in the display.


  2. Thanks for the correction there Ryan.