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Question time # 154 resolved. Sikorsky 58ET ZK-HNJ.

Question Time # 154.
Sikorsky S-58ET ZK-HNJ
 ZK-HNJ at NZNV 04-10-1983.
The second Sikorsky S-58ET for Helicopters (NZ) Ltd's southern offshore oil support operation from Invercargill was ZK-HNJ (c/n 58-1673). This was a very close cousin to the earlier ZK-HIH. Built in the same batch is had been allocated the US serial of Bu 150804 in July 1963. It went to the West German Military and carried various Germany military marks - among others it had WE+578, PF+342, QE+463 and 81+06. It was flicked off  in November of 1973 and went away for a rebuild to "ET" standard by Orlando Helicopters. It became LN-OSF in Norway with Heli-Invest add then Heli-Lift of Oslo in February 1975. From late August 1977 it was leased to Management Aviation out of Peterborough UK as G-BFAG until returning to Norway as LN-OSA for Winderoes Flyveselskap in March 1978. It next showed up in Canada as C-GAIV in May of 82 with Athabaska Airways and then on lease to Okanagan Helicopters from July 1983.
It came to NZ and became ZK-HNJ with H/C (NZ) Ltd on 05-09-1983; first flying here on 06-09-1983.
Below in the first four pics taken at Invercargill on 04-10-1983 we are sorting out the long range tanks.

 Below, at NZNV on an unmarked date.
The lower three shots were taken on 17-01-1984.
 Above is the view from the passenger cabin, looking up from beneath the pilots seat.

Its NZ registration was cancelled on 07-03-1984: so it didn't stay very long. It returned to Canada to take up its old markings with Athabaska Airways before going State Side as N580US with US Oceanography of Honolulu on 12th August 85. By August 1989 it was with Midwest Truxton International of Burr Ridge, Illinois from 7th August of 1989. It suffered a wire strike over Lake Brockville, Indiana  and crashed into the lake on 10-07-2002 with the loss of one passenger.

Now then who wins the chocky fish ?
Being such a generous person I am prepared to donate one said fish to:-
Chopper77 for Westland Wessex. (flick me your snail mail address pse !)
Helikiwi gave us the type but no registration.
RJD got it 100% off blog.

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