Thursday, 20 September 2012

Identity TBA - MBB BO-105 - solved

Engine running outside Oceania's Ardmore facility 20 September was this MBB BO-105 minus any identity other than very small letters "camts".  These letters along with the "streaking" blue cross indicate its association with the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems.  CAMTS is an oversight facility setup in the USA to provide assistance, resource and compliance assistance to the aeromedical fraternity.
Two recent additions to the register are BO105S ZK-IAI (c/n S841 ex N6607K) and ZK-IAJ (c/n S851 ex N851PH).  Both of these helicopters were previously operated by Petroleum Helicopters and have now been registered to BJ Comerford of Porirua.  Neither appear to have operated as aeromedical machines but perhaps I've not searched far enough......
Neither of the above, see subsequent post HAK.


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