Saturday, 1 September 2012

Rans ZK-XAC and ZK-CHB at Rangitata Island.

Allan Bowman - the man on the spot today (01-09-2012) at Rangitata Island - captured the Rans S-6ES Coyote 11 ZK-XAC (c/n 09091922).
Grant Coldicott, an instructor with the Geraldine Flying Group, is doing the test flying of this Coyote as built by Allan Cowan of Timaru.
Below we have the Central Hawkes Bay Aero Club (Inc)'s new Rans S-6S Coyote 11 ZK-CHB2 (c/n 09071831-S).
 Built by Michael O’Keefe of Geraldine. It is powered by a Rotax ULS.
Great panel colour and fluffy thing - must be some female influence on the committee.

We are talking two different models here. ZK-XAC is a S-6ES with a MTOW of 421kg and ZK-CHB is the S-6S model with a MTOW of 544kg.
The most obvious visual external difference is the shape of the top of the rear fuselage and the vertical fin : with XAC having a flat top to the fuselage and near horizontal ribs in the fin. It is covered by what they refer to as a "bag" - an off the shelf pre shaped slip on coloured skin which is tightened by draw strings.   
CHB has the raised ridge fuselage top which curves up into the leading edge of the fin. Covering is done using ceconite and dope and painted to suit - more like in the good old days.

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