Saturday 15 September 2012

Agusta A119 ZK-ISR exported

Cancelled from the NZ register 05 September 2012 was Agusta AW119 MKII Koala ZK-ISR.  This example was registered to Heli Solutions Ltd of Tauranga from 06 November 2008 and it was more often than not deployed overseas with super yachts as was their previous Koala ZK-IHS.

In June 2010 the helicopter was noted at Akersberga Heliport, Stockholm,  Norwich, UK and Ronaldsway, Isle of Man and the following month on the stern of luxury yacht  "Senses"  at Helisinki.  At the time "Senses" was owned by NZer Sir Douglas Meyers who sold it to Google co-founder Larry Page in January 2011.   In September 2010 it was hangared at Leige, Belgium.

Photos taken earlier this year show ZK-ISR at Wagga Wagga with United Aero and sporting the number "298" on its side.

An online search finds the For Sale ad.

Ardmore 05 January 2009

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