Friday 7 September 2012

Rice Rocket Returns

Noted flying out of Hamilton in recent weeks has been the only Mitsubishi MU2 resident in New Zealand, 2B-30 variant ZK-KOH

This machine has languished at Nelson for a long period of time following an engine failure and was transported back to Hamilton by road some months ago.    Since its return to the air the aircraft has had a repaint and is now all white.

Above and below at Hamilton 07 September 2012, Sean W photos

At Ardmore in July 2007, MRC photo


  1. Hey I remember when doing circuits when learning at Waikato being instructed by the Tower I was now Number 3. to a Rice Rocket and a Bandit....

    Interesting if ya weren't local eh...

  2. KOH flew two ILS approach yesterday at AKL.