Thursday, 27 September 2012

Homebuilt Gliders of New Zealand - Aviastroitel AC5M MZ35

Russian company Aviastroitel Ltd has been manufacturing fibreglass gliders since the early 1990's beginning with the AC4 "Russia".

 The AC5M MZ35 is a simple motorglider which first flew in 1999. It has a length of 15 feet 5 inches (5.3 metres) and a wingspan of 41 feet 4 inches (12.6 metres), with an aspect ratio of 20.5. Its empty weight is 397 pounds (180Kg) and MAUW is 661 pounds (300 Kg). It has a maximum glide ratio of 35 to 1.  It is self launching and is powered by a Zanzoterra MZ35R 2 stroke motor of 25 HP.  The motor is mounted on a mast that retracts rearwards into the fuselage.  You can just see the rear of the engine doors in the photo (if you expand it and look really hard!).

The photo (such as it is), is from the Keith Morris collection.

Our only Aviastroitel AC5M MZ35 is ZK-GPO (c/n 31) which was built by Nigel Howcroft of Tauranga from a kit.  It was first registered on 5/6/02 and first flew on 18/6/02, piloted by Nigel.

It was sold to Michael Wilkins of Taupiri on 14/12/10 and is kept in his hangar at Matamata.  I believe it is for sale if you want it.

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