Saturday, 1 September 2012

Four more from Tauranga

Two Titan T51 Mustangs are among the varied aircraft resident at Tauranga.
Above is ZK-MJD2 (c/n M05XXX50HK0078) the 2.7 litre Suzuki powered aircraft of Michael J Dean.
Above is ZK-MPC (c/n M05XXX50HK0062) of Marty Cantlon. this has a 3.5 litre Honda power plant.
More details on both these can be found on Sir Minty's earlier blog at :-

Above is the Seawind 3000 ZK-SWK (c/n 148). This kit was assembled in the US before joining our register on 16-12-2000 for  Bill Day of Seaworks Ltd of Wellington. It is currently listed to the Day Family Trust with a Wanaka address.
Below we have the Indigenous Barber Snark HA/3 ZK-PIE (c/n 002) now listed with John Lissington of Otorohanga.

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