Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Yak 3 ZK-VVS at Reno Air Races

The Reno Air Races kick off at the Reno Stead Airport, Nevada today 13 September and run until 16 September (although the action will happen about a day later for us here in New Zealand).

This year there is an exciting New Zealand connection with Graeme Frew competing in the open Class in his Yak 3 ZK-VVS - the first time a New Zealand team has competed at this level.  (Does anyone out there know of previous New Zealand competitors at Reno?).  Graeme's aircraft has been named "Full Noise" and carries the race number "35" as homage to Burt Munro who used the same number for his Fastest Indian world record exploits at Bonneville Salt Flats (which is not too far away from Reno).  There are also a small registration letters under the tailplane no doubt to keep things legal.

The above photo is taken from the Full Noise  Facebook page ( ).

Go Full Noise! and give her the jandal Graeme!


  1. Too much jandal given and engine change underway!

    1. And completed, and engine run after 17hr work! Set to fly in Unlimited Heat 1C at 7.40am(NZT) tomorrow! Go Full Noise!

  2. I've not heard of any other Kiwi race pilots. He's definitely the first Unlimited pilot from New Zealand and, to the best of my knowledge, Full Noise is the first NZ-restored/built/whatever race aircraft to take part at Reno.

  3. Unofficial results: Won the heat! :):):)