Saturday, 16 September 2017


Pacific Aerospace Corporation 750XL ZK-KAY (c/n 107) first flew at Hamilton on 05-06-2004 following its registration on 27-05-2004.
It departed Hamilton on 13-06-2004 for an 80 hour, 12 day, ferry flight to Blackpool in the UK. 
After a check out by Pool Aviation it joined the Northwest Parachute Centre at Cark in Cumbria.
It was a static display at the Farnborough Air Show in April 2004 and was later demonstrated to the UK Army.
It was officially registered to the Northwest Parachute Centre on 04-05-2005.
Unfortunately on 16-12-2007 it had a mid air collision with the Luscombe 8E Silveraire G-AKUI over Asmaston Staffordshire with the loss of the Silveraire and the two persons on board.
The 750XL lost its port undercarriage but landed safely at Nottingham, East Midlands
It was repaired by IAE at Cranfield (I think).
It is seen above in a photo by DerekF via Andy Heap flying over the Southport Promenade UK on 15-09-2017.

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