Sunday, 24 September 2017

Of ZKs MEL and CCV (with TVB thrown in)

As Richard Currie has posted from Pauanui, Technam P2002 JF Sierra ZK-MEL has recently been re-registered as ZK-CCV2.  But there is a bit more of a story here.

This aircraft (c/n 007) was sold to Martin E Lobb of Rotorua on 19/17/11 and its registration changed to ZK-MEL the next day.  Martin Lobb has since moved to Tauranga where the aircraft is currently based.  It is photo'd above at Taumarunui on 5/2/17.

However it was originally registered on 20/12/04 as ZK-ROZ to Auckland Flight Training of Ardmore, where it is photo'd on 5/3/05.

Back then there were a couple of identically painted Tecnam Sierra JFs at Ardmore, the second one being ZK-TVB2 (c/n 009), as in this photo taken on 7/5/05.  Can anyone confirm what the Tecnam Arrows were?  (as painted on their tails).  The first ZK-TVB was also a Tecnam (a P 92J Echo model which was the first Tecnam imported into New Zealand, in October 1997).

I understand that ZK-MEL has been re-registered as ZK-CCV2 to allow the Vans RV 7A VH-SDG (that flew across the Tasman to Tauranga on 31/8/17), to be registered as ZK-MEL2.

And of course the first ZK-CCV way back in 1962 was an Auster Agricola.  See

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