Sunday, 3 September 2017

Ardmore trio from Friday 2nd Sept

Magnaman visited Ardmore on Friday and has sent in these three images.
Cessna 150H ZK-CXG (c/n 15068411) has never been covered seriously on this site previously. 
Must fix that some time.
It is currently listed to the CXG Syndicate.
Another non flyer (for the moment) is the Pukekohe East based Fletcher FU24 ZK-SFL (c/n 154) of Cropdusters Ltd.
This was the last 300hp Continental IO-520F powered Mk II Fletcher built in 1969 as ZK-DAJ.
It went to Oz and became VH-SFL in 1970 and was eventually upgraded to their FU24 A/5 standard with a Lycoming IO-540A5 in 1994.
It returned to NZ and became ZK-SFL in March of 2002.
The Quest Aircraft Kodiak demonstrator N181KQ (c/n 100-0181) has been in country since July the 17th.
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  1. I think ZK-SFL has a IO-720 in it

  2. Could well have by now !

  3. typo on the cessna 150,write up..cxg not cxh

  4. That Fletcher still has the 300HP Lycoming. It does look like a 400HP version but the prop is quite different and has the single exhaust each side.