Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Zenair/Zenith CH 601 Zodiacs of New Zealand (2) - CH 601HD Models

As I posted previously, the Zodiac CH 601HD (for Heavy Duty) model was the first development of Chris Heintz's earlier CH 600 model.  Like the CH 601UL it was also marketed as a kit by Zenair from Canada, and by the Zenith Aircraft Company from the USA.  It is essentially the same as the CH 601UL but with some heavier panels, allowing the MAUW to be 1,200 pounds (544Kg).

We have had three CH 601HD models in New Zealand as detailed below:

ZK-ZED (c/n 3897) was built by Donald W Free of Rangiora and was first registered to him on 24/9/02.  It is based ar Rangiora where Blue Bus took the above photo on 29/3/09.

ZK-TMC (c/n 4781) was built by Philip A Gleeson and Shaun B Brill at Levin, and was first registered to them on 8/12/03.  Ownership transferred solely to Philip Gleeson on 24/11/10 and I understand it is currently stored at Levin.  Philip Gleeson sent the above photo, which was taken at Foxpine.  Thanks Philip.

ZK-SPD was built by Samuel Peter Dunning of Wellington, and was first registered to him on 1/3/12.  Peter Dunning kindly sent the above photo, which was taken in a hangar at Feilding.  You can see the three piece wing quite well in this photo, with the main undercarriage mounted at the ends of the wing stubs.

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