Saturday, 29 November 2014

Croydon Aircraft Company Resorations at Mandeville - List of Aircraft Under Restoration

As I mentioned in my previous post about the Croydon Aircraft Company operations at the Old Mandeville Airfield, there were many interesting aircraft under restoration for various customers around the world.  But I assume most of them will be test flown at Mandeville.  A list of the aircraft I saw is:

DH 60 Gipsy Moth - the wings of the Gipsy Moth were being covered when I was there.  The aircraft will eventually be put on the floats that were also in the workshop.

DH 80 Puss Moth - the fuselage frame looked complete and the engine was in place.

DH 83C Fox Moth - ZK-AQB,well advanced.  I will do a separate post on this aircraft.

DH 85 Leopard Moth - this looked quite advanced with the fuselage and wings covered.

DH 88 Comet - this is a project that was started in Canada, but has not had much done to it for some time.

DH 89 Dominie/Dragon Rapide - this aircraft is for a cusomer in Australia (this was stored in the Aviation Heritage Centre hangar).

DH 94 Moth Minor - the fuselage was on its undercarriage.

DHC 1 Chipmunks - there were 2 of these under restoration.  One was a yellow ex-Indian Air Force example with the bubble canopy while the other had the standard canopy.

And finally, an Auster Autocar was also under restoration.

Very interesting!


  1. Oooo an Auster! which one and where's the photo! !!! :-)

  2. Baz

    Sorry I don't know anything more than it was an Autocar. It was in the Batam production area and someone unhelpful decided that I could not take photos there.

  3. Thats a shame. Might see if my underworld contacts can find out and I can send you the info. :-)