Sunday, 16 November 2014

A quick look at Alexandra.

Is this the end !
The Willow Air Zlin 137T ZK-WLT (c/n 0039) in its partially exposed position.
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 The Central Otago Flying Clubs Cessna 172N ZK-ERW (c/n 67728) away for an early morning flight. ZK-ERW was imported in late 1979 for delivery to Alexandra for the Central Otago Aero Club. It is still there but now operating under the Central Otago Flying Club (Inc) name.
 Another long time resident - now in a new spot and with better covers is the Piper PA-28-161 ZK-EQC (c/n 28-7916381) of Daviation Ltd. Its registration was cancelled on 15-04-2005.
 An old loader awaiting its last load - to the scrap metal man.
Above is the recently installed fuel supply. Avgas 100 and Jet A1.
I can see a great future for this airfield - If it could just get a good supply of water up to it.


  1. Is Z-137T ZK-RJI/3 still in bits at the back of 'WLTs shed?

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