Monday, 10 November 2014

Comings and Goings at Black Sands Flyin 2014

One of the neat things about Raglan airfield is that you can get quite close to the aircraft landing and taking off, so nice action photos are on offer.  So I offer the following:

Carbon Cub ZK-CSS from Ardmore.

Glastar Tri-gear ZK-MPO from North Shore.

A trio of Vans - RV 6 ZK-VRV from Wellington.

Followed by RV 7 ZK-LVA from Ardmore.

And RV 8 ZK-PJH from Rotorua.

At the other end of the performance spectrum, Bantam B 22 ZK-OOI from Te Awamutu.

 Murphy Super Rebel ZK-MSR from Tauranga.

DHC 2 Chipmunk ZK-UAS from Hamilton.

And finally, Tecnam Astore ZK-AST was very active during the flyin.

Thanks very much to Bruce Cooke and his team from the Waikato Chapter of SAANZ for again putting on a great flyin.  I know a lot of people will be back again.

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