Thursday, 13 November 2014

The old and the older.

Mention of the two CT4 Airtrainers overflying Twizel on Tuesday prompted Sparkfarmer to send in these two photographs taken at Rangiora on Monday.
It appears to be just another row of Airtrainers - however this may well be the lasts major operation using the CT4 before they are phased out of service, being replaced by the Texan - the third batch of which is being ferried to NZ as we read this.

The old and the new! or Spot the difference!
 Leading the line up is the NZ Aerospace CT/4B Airtrainer ZK-JMF (c/n 086). This had an earlier career with the RNZAF as NZ1938 between December 1976 and 2000 when it became ZK-JMF and went on line with the Massey University School of Aviation. Richard Lane of Christchurch has had it since 22-09-2003 and took this opportunity to add it to the line up.
Beyond ZK-JMF are the PAC CT4E's Airtrainers NZ1993 (c/n 208), NZ1995 (c/n 210), NZ1994 (c/n 209), NZ1885 (c/n 200) and NZ1988 (c/n 203). These aircraft are on lease to the RNZAF and carried the NZ civil registrations of ZK-PTI; ZK-PTK; ZK-PTJ; ZK-PTA and ZK-PTD respectively before joining the RNZAF.

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