Friday 7 November 2014

Tanarg ZK-JIH.

Below we have a shot of the Air Creation ARV Tanarg 912 ES/IXESS 13 ZK-JIH (c/n T09001) coming together in Doug Anderson's hangar at Rangiora. Taken 06-11-2014.
Below is what the NZ Aviation News Magazine said about it when it was first registered in January 2009:
"The Air Creation ARV Tanarg 912 ES/IXESS 13, ZK-JIH, is the latest streamline trike on the scene. Built in southern France, with a technical base at Alice Springs, the Tanarg is labeled as the Lamborghini of weight shift microlights and as inferred by its designation, it is powered with a Rotax 912 which drives an Arplast three blade propeller. The IXESS 13 designation refers to the sail which has a broad speed range and a Vne of 91kts. It was assembled at Rangiora by Doug Anderson for Maree Horo of Christchurch."
In actual fact - it was never assembled and has been stored in its box for seven years.
The engine is a Rotax 912ES (Blue Head) rated at 98.7hp to meet the French regulations (of less than 100hp)
It has a BRS system and now awaits CAA inspection.
Photo above shows the "Blue Head" Rotax engine and the Airplast propeller with its turned back tips.
The BRS system is stowed on the area partially hidden by the undercarriage strut (The hatch cover is still open for inspection).

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  1. Where does the rego go due to lack space? On the wing.