Sunday, 8 September 2019

Saturday's pie run to NZRT

Sir Minty and self managed a visitation to Rangiora on Saturday afternoon.

We found the Zenith CH701 STOL ZK-DUX2 (c/n 7-4272) out in the sunshine.
It then proceeded to carry out a test flight.

ZK-DUX was first listed in Australia as 19-3623 on 31 May 2002 and arrived in Rangiora about May of 2016 and has had a complete rebuild.

Also out and about was the ICP Savannah S ZK-SRT2 (c/n 15-09-54-0417) of Brent Forman and John McCelland.

Below we have two earlier photographs from Philip Seale showing the Garmin loaded instrument panel of ZK-SRT.

And a view of the ICP Savannah S ZK-JIM4 (c/n 19-08-54-634) nearing completion for owner Jim Larsen of Ngamatapouri.


  1. ??? ZK DUX was a Piper PA-28-151 Cherokee Warrior how can its on this aircraft

  2. Once an aircraft's registration has been cancelled - as in the case of the PA-28-151 ZK-DUX on 13 March 2014 - the letters are then available for re-allocation to another aircraft - as in this case to the Zenith CH701 STOL.
    On this site the small number following the registration letters tells us which allocation we are referring to.
    In some cases now the registrations are on their sixth (or more) re-issue.