Sunday, 22 September 2019

Charlie's AOPA strip fly in.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association (AOPA) has regular fly ins around the Country.
This weekend Charlie Draper's farm strip near Darfield was the base for 'back country' strip visits

Click on this AOPA link for further information about this group

Saturday morning saw a gathering of fifty aircraft with 48 taking part in the strip visits.
All 48 streamed out within a few minutes so all my take off shots were taken from the same sport.
 There were four Cubs on site. 
Above we have ZK-BKN c/n 18-4754 from the BKN Syndicate of Blenheim.
 Fred Bull's 90hp Cub ZK-BKX c/n 18-4684 departed in a brisk manner.
 And Mike Oakley blats out in his Super Cruiser ZK-BNJ c/n 18-5063.
The 4th Cub was ZK-BNX.
There was a good selection of Cessna 185's with A185F ZK-DSO c/n 18502282 heading out.
This tidy looking Cessna 172G ZK-COL c/n 17254468 has been listed with Ian Sinclair since mid-2017.

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