Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Nostalgic Fletcher FU 24-950 ZK-EGK at Wanganui 22-4-2018

I was delighted to see a Fletcher in the old Wanganui Aerowork scheme when I was at Wanganui.  Although now owned by Ravensdown Aerowork Ltd (from 4/9/12) I think it is great that they have kept in its original colour scheme.  I understand that it is dual control and is used for pilot training.

ZK-EGK (c/n 233) is the Fletcher in question.  The old scheme is a much more detailed scheme than the new Ravensdown scheme which is no doubt simpler to apply and keep looking tidy.  However it sure brings back a lot of memories.

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  1. Thanks for the coverage Keith.
    Good to hear that Wanganui (without the h) is a bit more spotter friendly now. It was pretty bad last time I was there.

    Does anyone know where the Ravensdown Fu-24 ZK-CMK (the second one, ex ZK-SKF) lives these days?
    Or does it even still exist as anything more than a pile of parts?