Saturday 18 July 2015

Cessna 337 Super Skymaster ZK-DFT

Cessna 337 Super Skymaster c/n 337-0176 was penciled in on the Cessna production line to become N2276X but in fact was rolled out as VH-CJV - the personalised letters for J V Clancy of Kamaran Downs Station of Bedourie, Queensland.
Below is a pic of VH-CJV as seen at Adelaide's Parafield airfield in November 1965 by Geoff Goodhall.
It was with Hawker De Havilland Pty Ltd of Jandakot from May 1968 and went out on lease to Noeska Aviation of Kalgoorlie and later to Preston Air Charter at Jandakot and then Simpson Aviation Pty Ltd also at Jandakot.
It arrived at Ardmore on 12-08-1971 with its Australian registration being cancelled on 24-08-1971 for it to become ZK-DFT with James Aviation Ltd of Hamilton on the same date.
It first flew as ZK-DFT on 08-11-1971.
 These two shots show it at Hamilton on 27-09-1972.
 Then two more shots taken at Hamilton a month later - October 1972.
Photo below shows it at Ardmore in May of 1973 - another Allan Wooller shot.
Note the Do28 in the background.
The Civil Aviation Division of the Ministry of Transport took it on for a few months from 29-05-1973 until returning it to James Aviation Ltd at Hamilton on 12-09-1973.
It is seen below at wellington on 19-07-1973.
James Aviation sold it to the Taupo Flying School and Air Services on 25-01-1974 and is seen below in November of 1975. Pic comes from the CMM collection.
It became part of Air Central Ltd from 30-01-1976.
Then comes Taupo Air Services Ltd from 08-03-1979.
The Skymaster Syndicate at Pauanui Beach came on the scene from New Years Day 1995 followed by V.I.P Air Charter Ltd of Hamilton from 25-09-1998.
Whilst with V.I.P is was repainted to represent a US Air Force Cessna O-2 and carried the bogus serial number of "65-0176". 
Decoded this tells us the build year of 1965 and its construction number of 0176.
(The real USAF serial 65-0176 was a Boeing LGM-308 Minuteman missile.)
These two pics show it at Christchurch on 28-08-1999 in its pseudo USAF markings.
 By 01-09-2000 it was listed to Pete Meadows of Tauranga before going to Dennis Thompson International Ltd on 28-11-2001.
It is seen below back in a real civil scheme at Omarama on 30-03-2002.
 Garth Hogan came on the scene from 10-06-2003 and it was a participant in the Around New Zealand Air Race which departed Whenuapai on 29-03-2004 - ending at Wanaka on 09-04-2004 in time for the Warbirds Show.
Below we see ZK-DFT at Taupo getting a little attention on 31-03-2004.
 Garth moved shop to Wanaka and below we see DFT in the hangar at Wanaka on 08-10-2008.
 It was sold to Ross Price of Dunedin on 11-12-2013.
Below is a pic from Keith Morris showing it at Ardmore on 16-07-2015.
 And below are two views of ZK-DFT as seen at Ardmore on 18-07-2015 by Magnaman.


  1. this 337 is now in mosgiel where ross price is a builder who left auckland to live down here ispoke to mim fri 10 march 17 to ee if he was coming to mandeville tiger fly in sorry rain taeri se asterly cold but not bad croydonisnapped dft q airport outside mt cook w shop near my house and brian dovey;s also rex lived next to me late 70;s and early 80;s red white blue with zambesi ads on side also i snaPPED C 337 THL AT Q IN 1991 based at timaru flowh by tony hill a member of wakatipu aero club where we had our top cfi carlton campbellteaching us real mountain flying and i had 4 trips into milford s. over my 51yrs in Q starting with murray pope and malcolm price top chap still tugging his c180 mjp i;mstill waiting for ross to take me for a spin in old dft at 84 im hanging there my favourite aircraft bob rout in;gill

  2. sorry about mistakes i;m new to this caper bob rout

    1. Morning Bob.
      Thanks for the trip down memory lane.
      Some well known names there.
      Hang in there.

    2. Hi, checking in, rang Ross Price last night to see if he was coming to Mandeville today. for my ride in the 337 but he didn't make it I met Jordan Kean of Mainland Air who was there with C172 ELT and old WAKATIPU AERO Club kite that I did two trips to Milford Sound with Carlton Campbell. Jordan is bringing the C!52 aerobat to Wings & wheels next week end at Tairie to do some exciting flying and I'll catch up with Ross Price for my long awaited trip in the Cessna 337..I'm now 87 and hanging in there' yippee Bob Rout..

    3. Yo there Bob.
      Great to see that you are still 'hanging in there' and still have the desire to commit aviation. I recall the fixed gear Cessna 336 ZK-CGF when it first arrived in 1964. Then I lived among a batch of the military O-2's in the 1970's. I was talking briefly to Malcolm Price at Rangiora the other day - after he had just arrived back in his Cessna ZK-MJP.
      Enjoy your ride in the 'Squashmaster'
      Safe and happy flying.
      Cheers DxP