Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Meet the Fokker D VII Replicas of New Zealand

Following Blue Bus's recent post titled Western Front 1917, featuring photos by Russell Brodie of Greg Burt's 2 Airdrome Replicas Fokker D IV and D VII replicas at Rangitata Island on 27/11/12, I thought I would post about New Zealand's other Fokker D VII replica, and compare the two.

ZK-FKR is an Airdrome Replicas machine powered by a 2180cc VW with a Valley Engineering reduction drive which is neatly faired in, and is a Class 1 microlight with a MAUW of 213 Kg.  Thanks to Russell Brodie for the photo.

ZK-FOD is The Vintage Aviator replica which is powered by a 200 HP  Gypsy Queen 6 cylinder air cooled engine and has a MAUW of 544 Kg.  This aircraft was built by Claude Rousseau of Rosseau Aviation in France for the 1966 film The Blue Max.  It was built quickly for the film and eventually became N902AC.  It arrived in New Zealand in 1996 and was substantially rebuilt by The Vintage Aviator to more accurately reflect the original D VII.  It is photo'd here at The Vintage Aviator Armistice Day Airshow at Masterton on 10/11/12.

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  1. So did the Squadron Aviation Fokker D.VII replica registered as ZK-FQR to K J Asplin & D Graham, Hamilton on 29/3/1988 and cancelled on 31/5/1995 ever exist? or was it just a book entry.