Saturday, 24 November 2012

Jodel D 11's of New Zealand (2)

I will chronicle our D 11's in registration order, but that was not necessarily the order in which they first flew.

ZK-DBY (c/n AACA/105/1) was built by Jim Barrowclough on his farm near Morrinsville.  It was first registered on 19/7/74, and was test flown around that time making it our seventh D 11 to fly. Jim used an Airtourer cowling and windscreen which were available at that time from Aero Engine Services Ltd in Hamilton.  It is photo'd here at Ardmore early on in its life.  It was damaged in an overshoot incident near Atiamuri on 26/12/78.

Jim flew ZK-DBY all over New Zealand and when he retired to Tauranga he based it there.  Jim owned the aircraft for 30 years before selling it to CM Wilson of Katikati on 21/4/04.

It is photo'd here at Dargaville by Bill Lambeth in 2009.  It can be seen that it has changed little over the years.  Finally it was sold to TS Smith of Carterton on 7/5/11.

Finally it is photo'd here at the 2010 Black Sands Flyin at Raglan on 6/11/10. 

It was cancelled on 4/12/12.

ZK-DFM (c/n AACA/100) was built by Ewan McNicol and P Mcleish of Drummond in Southland, and it
 was first registered on 21/6/73.  It was test flown on 6/10/73 making it our fourth D 11 to fly.  It is photo'd here at the 1974 AACA flyin at Bridge Pa, Hastings.

And it is photo'd here in colour by Don Noble, on 8/10/73 at Timaru.  It stayed in Southland when it was sold to the Taylor family of Mossburn on 9/6/80.  It was damaged on 7/11/81 at Mossburn.

However it was repaired as by 4/9/87 it was owned by RTW Thomas of Waikanae, and it was operated by Paraparaumu Flight Training.  The above photo was taken in the big hangar at Omaka in 1987.  It was sold to GC Horn of Levin on 31/10/07.

And finally it was sold to AG and JR Bailey of Dargaville on 8/5/05, where the above photo was taken by prolific Jodel D 11 photographer Bill Lambeth of the Dargaville Aero Club.  It is still current.

ZK-DGA (c/n AACA/10D) was a bit different.  It was built by Robbie Gentry of Wellington and it was the fourth aircraft that Robbie had built.  It was first registered on 9/1/73 and its first flight was on 19/1/73 making it our fifth D 11 to fly.  It is photo'd above at the 1973 AACA flyin at Omaka where it was very new and still being finished.  It can be seen that Robbie built a fin and rudder on ZK-DGA rather than the all flying rudder as per the plans.

It is photo'd here in its finisherd colour scheme by Don Noble, at Timaru on 8/10/73.

It is photo'd here at the 1978 AACA flyin at Nelson.  Robbie took ZK-DGA with him when he moved to Masterton around 1980.  It was sold to C and E May of New Plymouth on 17/3/83 and then to MJ and DA Hare of Stratford on 12/1/84.

The final time I saw it was at Feilding in 1985 as in the above photo.  It was damaged in an accident at Te Popo, in inland Taranaki on 13/7/85 and it was cancelled on 24/11/94.


  1. it still survives sitting in a lean to barn out the back of stfd along with a unidentfied mircrolight

    1. Whereabouts in Stratford is the lean to, interested to have a look.