Sunday, 22 January 2012

Works of art. ZK-HDE

Continuing the earlier series about art works on aircraft I offer this view of the Hughes 369D ZK-HDE3 (c/n 61 0992D) currently still listed to Oceania Aviation. It was noted at Heli Maintenance in Christchurch on 21-01-2012.
Now if you can tear your optics away from the scantily clad damsel you may note that the engine bay clam shell door has several louvres and three locking catches on it. The louvres are air intakes for the air conditioner condenser and the extra hinge is to to help take the extra weight.


  1. As the louvers are reaward facing, surely they would be exhausts???

  2. Yep, you would be correct.
    Bad choice of words on my part.

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