Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A blast from the past.

I have been very fortunate to get my sticky mitts on the slide collection belonging to CMM.
From time to time I will blog a few of these to stimulate your phagocytes.
Maybe even get some comments as I have no dates or place names for these photos.
This is Fletcher Fu24 ZK-BIO (c/n 42) listed to Cable Price Corporation Ltd on 12-12-1955. It first flew on 10-03-1956 and gained its c of a on 11-07-1956. As is fairly obvious it went to Robertson Air Services Ltd and carried fleet number 6 from 24-09-1956.
From memory this was the first FU24 re-engined with the 240hp motor, which would have been about mid 1957. In the above shot CMM advises that it hase the 300hp engine.
It was flown by such illustrious characters as Len Holden and Peter Sylvia.
On 22-11-1980 it first flew as a Fu24-950M but was involved in a fatal crash at Arohena on 29-06-1982.
Two more views of ZK-BIO, probably taken either side of the CMM pic.
Above as seen at Te Kuiti on 05-03-1969.
Below is at Hamilton on 03-09-1979. With the larger registration as mentioned in the comments below.


  1. The photo was taken in the mid to late 70s as evidenced by the large registration on the fin, a result of a CAA AD during that time.
    Excellent! More please, it takes me back.........

  2. What a lovely photo! It would be great to see a preserved aircraft painted in the checkered Robertson scheme. Does CMM's collection feature any of my Fletcher, c/n87 ZK-CBG? Regardless I look forward to the rest of the slides.