Saturday, 28 January 2012

Christchurch today 28-01-2012

Bargeld01 reports from Christchurch International, Saturday 28-01-2012.
The Massey University School of Aviation's Diamond DA40 ZK-MTJ (c/n 40.1020) was at rest over the tie down wires near the Aero Club
The "scoop" for the day; is this Cessna 172R ZK-NAD4 , which made a local flight and then continued on its way.
It is actually the old ZK-JLY which CTC Aviation Training flicked off to the Nelson Aviation College on 16-01-2012. On the 24th, ie last Tuesday, it was re-registered in the NA* registration block now being used by Nelson Aviation College.
FYI. The first two allocations of the NAD letters went to Boeing 737's for ANZ; the third allocation was for a GAF N24 Nomad.
 Above; back in town briefly; is the Reims/cessna F406 Caravan 11 ZK-XLF (c/n F406-0057) of Kiwi Air from Gisborne. It dropped a sports team from the North.

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