Monday 29 March 2010

Safari at Rangiora

Below is a selection of photographs taken at Rangiora today (Monday the 29th March 2010).
First pic shows a bunch of AutoGyro Europe MTo3 Eagles with ZK-YOG , c/n NZ005 , nearest.

Zenair CH701 STOL amphibian ZK-STL , c/n 7-9777 , with the two Bob's races away.

Cessna 182) Skylane ZK-SGH , c/n 182P-62007 showing part of its Peterson 260SE Stol conversion mods. (see comments).

The near new Autogyro Europe Calidus Fern ZK-OTM , c/n NZC001 , just arriving for lunch.
OTM presumably for Otmar Birkner.

Bob Power and Peter Mant with the FoxconTerrier 200 ZK-NRS , c/n 2003 .

There were a couple of Maules about. Mx-7-180A ZK-MUL , c/n 20052C , with David & Daniel Campbell is a 2007 import.

Michael Boyles dropped in with his Thorp S-18T ZK-MBY , c/n 222 ,

Chris & Matthew Hoffman head away on the next leg in the tidy Piper PA-28R-201 Arrow 111 ZK-EIF , c/n 28R 7837132.

A "real" Cessna 172 was this Skyhawk ZK-EHA2 , c/n 36748 , wearing a for sale label on its side window.

Didn't see a lot of warbirds around. Nanchang ZK-JQS and the RNZAF Parrot NZ1988 were on the ground with the Catalina flying overhead. Plus of course the Rob Mackley Cessna O-1G Bird Dog ZK-DOG , c.n 23452, in better than new condition.

The Grumman American AA5A Cheetah ZK-DLL , c/n AA5A-0409 , with Margaret and Colin Wright was looking rather smart also.

Not conected with the Safari (afaik) was the Don Boyd Zenair CH601 HDS ZK-DBZ2 , c/n 6-2284. It was at Brent Thompsons's having its propeller attented to.

"Little Legs" was noted on the side of the Tecnam P92 Echo Super ZK-CLH2.

One of the older aircraft seen was the 1954 vintage Southair Cessna 180 ZK-BEL , 30614.

Lined up to go after lunch.


  1. Not a Wren 182 but a Peterson 260SE


  2. Oops !
    Thanks for that correction anonymous Helikiwi.
    I have amended the original blog.