Friday, 26 March 2010

Air New Zealand Engineer Training Centre aircraft

Whilst checking out the Cougar ZK-PAP I was kindly permitted to check out the other airframes used in the ANZ Engineering Training Centre at Christchurch.
Above is the Bell 206A JetRanger ZK-HVH2 , c/n 423. This was damaged near Turangi on 27-09-1991 and cancelled in June of 1992. Note its shortened tail boon.

A second JetRanger is this Italian built Agusta AB206B ZK-HPB2 , c/n 8002 . It came to grief when it rolled on landing on the Fox Neve on 06-70-2002. It was cancelled on 07-02-2003.

Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawk 11 ZK-EVA1 , c/n 38-81A0017 was new to the MDAC at Palmerston North in 1982. Its claim to fame would have to be its midair collision with its hangar mate, Tomahawk ZK-EQM over Aokautere (near Palmerston North) on 30-07-1989. It was later registered to the Ardmore Flying School until being cancelled as withdrawn on 24-12-1999.

Tomahawk ZK-EQG , c/n 38-79A1144 began its career with the Nelson Aero Club in early 1980. After several ownership changes it was back with the Nelson Club when it was cancelled as withdrawn on 21-07-2006.

ZK-EIX , c/n 38-79A0649 started off at the South Canterbury Aero Club in 1979. It had a heavy landing at Christchurch on 21-10-1998. Ownership changed to Ron Potts on 10-01-2000 - but did it ever fly again ?

It was cancelled as withdrawn on 24-09-2004.

Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP1 , c/n 500-842-98 has been in NZ since 1968 when it was listed with the Rotorua Aero Club. After a heap of owners I seem to recall that it sat in a derelict state at Ardmore until its registration was revoked on 03-07-2002. (I wondered where it had disappeared to).

Cessna 172F ZK-CHT , c/n 172-52188 failed to get airborne off a strip on Molesworth on 01-03-2005. It was cancelled on 09-08-05 and its mortal remains sat at Timaru for a while.

A second Friendship ZK-BXI , c/n 10286 , is also on site, although it is in several sections.


  1. what happened to the other tommies that ardmore flying school had "withdrawn"

  2. Hello there Anon.
    ZK-EVH was withdrawn on 17-07-1978 following a heavy at Ardmore on 15-04-98.
    Sorry but I don't know where the others physically dissappeared to.
    Can we assume that they were withdrawn as they approached their respective wing life (of 11,000 hours I think). There is/was a mod available which extended the wing for another 5000 hours, but there was a cost involved.

  3. they were withdrawn when the 172s came on line i have photos of ean,evh,fwp fuselages sitting on the ground with wings stacked up by a container nxt to the old catalina body which is where the avspecs hanger now is,also have photo of eve bent fuselage

  4. Evening Anon.
    Any chance you could flick me a copy of those pics & I can bung them on the blog ?
    (to me at )

    I meant to include in my previous response that EVH ended up with Aero Salvage at Timaru.
    And now looking back on my notes for Timaru for August of 2008 I see that the fuselage of FWP plus another PA38 fuse (no visible markings) were also there.

  5. can do will dig them up i try and get them done via computer give me a couple of days

  6. I flew EQM as a student pilot back in the early 80's out of PN. Put on many hours in it and it's brother/sister EOO. Anyone have some pics of wither/both? Building a 1/6 scale RC model and would love to mark it up as one. Believe, from memory, they were both red.