Thursday, 4 March 2010

Helicopter Flight Training Ardmore crash

Schweizer 269C-1 ZK-HQO of The Reliance Group Ltd., Auckland t/a Helicopter Flight Training crashed at Ardmore this morning.

Thankfully the two occupants survived, reportedly only light injuries.

"During a test flight it was found that the engine RPM was unable to be adjusted. After a period of time spent attempting to rectify the problem RPM began to fluctuate dramatically, and the decision made to land immediately. The landing was being aborted due to high speed, when engine RPM dropped suddenly, the helicopter descended rapidly, striking the ground with the rear skid, and rolling forward."

(Not ZK-HMC/2 as originally reported to me).


  1. Peter, I was at Ardmore early this (Thu) afternoon and noted HNC in the hanger with HMC and HXS outside. So I concluded HQO must have been the machine that came to grief.

  2. You are correct Mike. CAA confirms the identity as ZK-HQO.
    My mole needs to receive a good kick!