Friday, 19 March 2010

Question Time #90

I was so excited to get the answer to Question Time #89. It is so long since I got a QT correct that I can't even remember what a choccy fish tastes like!

At Blue Bus's suggestion here is the next question: What is this? And double congratulations if you can advise the registration.


  1. This is even harder than a Bluebus photo. Any chance of another clue.

  2. Can you guess the type? What yellow gyrocopters are around?

  3. Oskar Stielau's Gyrobee ZK-RDA.

    Howzat ?

  4. Snap Blue Bus! You are correct that it is the Gyrobee ZK-RDA - flying overhead with the rotor blade behind the tailplane. Unfortunately in cropping the photo I seem to have lost it so I will post another photo taken at the same time.

    Why don't we just buy a chocolate fish ourselves and save postage?

  5. Good thinking there Sir Minty.
    I will scoff the one I had aside for you for lunch tommorrow.