Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IJD cancelled.

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IJD c/n 1952 was cancelled on 06-07-2009 as destroyed.
It was damaged on 16-07-2007 when it failed to out climb a hill on Criffle Station during mustering.
Registered as JA7866 on 02-10-1991 it was listed a written off on 20-12-2001.
It joined the NZ register on 02-12-2004 courtesy of Wing & Rotor Aviation and transferred to Eagle Flight Training Ltd at Papakura on 20-10-2005.
On 22-06-2006 South-West Helicopters Ltd of Te Anau became the official owner/operator.
The pic above was taken at the old Te Anau/Manapouri strip on 17-08-2006.


  1. I was in the crash, do you want a pic of the wreck?

  2. Hi there Anonymous.

    Yes I would love a photo of the event thanks for historical reasons.
    Do you want it put up on the blog ?

    Trust you were not hurt !

    Can you flick it to me c/o