Sunday, 12 July 2009

Ferrymead visitation Saturday 11-07-2009.

On Saturday afternoon eight of us were privileged to get a two & a half hour tour behind the aviation scene of the workshop and storage area at the Ferrymead Aeronautical Society (inc) at Ferrymead, Christchurch.

There is a lot of stuff of military interest here, details of which which can be found on the appropriate blogs.
As this site is " Civil" I will just cover some of the "ZK" stuff that caught my attention.

After entering through under the nose section of Bristol 170 ZK-AYG (pic further below) into a display hangar the LC-47 17221 (military) is on the right. To the left is the Vickers 807 Viscount "City of Christchurch" ZK-BRF , c/n 283 , ex NZNAC. Withdrawn from use on 15-07-1974 it was handed over to Ferrymead on 09-04-1975.
Note: the fence in the foreground is mid 1970's airside security:

Parked out the back is the Westland Wessex Mk60 , c/n WA740 . this arrived in Christchurch in the military marks that it had used in the film "Full Metal Jacket".
It never received an official NZ registration and was sold to Brian Hall and painted pink, marked as "ZK-IDL" and used as an advertising tool parked in the car park of the Imperial Discount Liquor store. Here it slowly deteriorated until it was eventually damaged by a truck. It was moved to Ferrymead in January 2007.
In the workshop/storage area is this Transavia PL-12 Airtruk being mostly ZK-DMX , c/n 353 , which had been withdrawn from use by Barr Brothers in June of 1983. It, plus a collection of other parts, now resides at Ferrymead.
In the corner of the Viscount hangar is the nose section of Bristol B170 Freighter ZK-CRK , c/n 13159. This aircraft last flew on 03-01-1986 with this portion going to John Fell of Blenheim before moving to Ferrymead in 1995.
The Bristol 170 cockpit section of ZK-AYG , c/n 12826 , "Captain Cook" acting as the entrance to the display hangar. This cockpit section was also in the John Fell collection before moving to Christchurch in 1995.

Tucked neatly between the tail fins of the Hudson (NZ2084) and the Airtruk is the fuselage of Piper PA-28-235 Pawnee ZK-BZK , c/n 25-2337 . This was withdrawn from use by Central Aviation in 1974, its registration cancelled on 27-07-1979 and to Ferrymead in 1980.


  1. What does the Airtruk looklike when it all together?

  2. There is one word to describe an Airtruck. [****].
    I will put a shot up on a new posting.