Saturday, 4 July 2009

A couple of Agricola shots from way back.

Above is a less than perfect shot of what I believe to be ZK-BMN taken outside the Air Contracts hangar at Masterton in early August of 1963. This (as we know) later became ZK-BXO. Parked in front is the Cessna 180 ZK-BLL. [This is my negative No 78, taken on a Kodak Jiffy using real Kodak 620 B & W film]
Above. In December of 1963 ZK-BMJ was parked near the Wellington Aero Club hangar. Note the small side window.
On 24-01-1971 ZK-BMJ was parked at Paraparaumu alongside ZK-BXO. Note now the larger side window.

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  1. Very interested - but the sixty-four-thousand dollar question is "Who can produce a good photo of ZK-BMM"?