Saturday, 11 July 2009

AOPA Omarama bound traffic through NZRT

The AOPA (Aircraft Owners & Pilots Assoc) are gathering at Omarama this weekend.
A collection of North Island aircraft passed through Rangiora yesterday (Friday 10-07-2009).
Below is a selection.
1960 vintage Cessna 210 ZK-RJS , c/n 210-57096 , at the Shell pumps. Following a 35 year stint in Australia this came to NZ for C H Mellsop of Hamilton, followed by a short time with Coromandel Phamacy and from 20-05-1997 it has been listed with C J & D R Hickman of Te Kuiti (Hickman Motors Te Kuiti).
Of even greater vintage was this 1957 Cessna 172 ZK-REV2 , c/n 29853 , listed with Trevor Hall of Te Awamutu since 02-05-2006. This also had a longthy Australian past history; In fact it still bears the "Lynch & Keft" titles from those days. Just above the venturi it carries the words "Wayebyn Too".
At a mere 29 years young was the Cessna 152 11 ZK-NPE , c/n 84064 , from Air Napier (until recently a local with the Christchurch /New Zealand Flying School). Off course with a registration like that, it has served with the New Plymouth Aero Club in. Actually it began as ZK-ETH with them in February of 1980 and changed to NPE on 23-07-1987.
ZK-EKM is Cessna 152 11 , c/n 80954 , which makes it older than NPE. It started with the Airline Flying Club in late 1978. Since January of 2008 it has been with Air Napier.

Below is the Cessna 180 ZK-CBH3 , c/n 32542 , imported from the US in early 2006.
ZK-BHP2 is a Cessna 182B Skylane. Built in 1959. Moved to Australia in 1966 as VH-BHP and to NZ in November 2006 for H H Ross of Hastings.


  1. The 152s EKM & NPE weren't quite Omarama bound: My colleague and I were actually delivering them to their new owner in Dunedin. They'll be joining a large fleet which includes several of their siblings who have already migrated south!

  2. Thanks for the correction there Scott.

    I guess one way to find out things is to post incorrect info which draws a response.

    Seriously though. I got that wrong.

    Are the new owners Mainland Air ?

    If so, that's at least six additional aircraft in about a month !


  3. That's right I expect they will end up at Mainland - these were delivered to a maintenance provider at Taieri. In addition to the 4 last month, there were 3 other 152s added to Mainland back in Feb/Mar, one of which I also flew down. No worries about the correction - it was more intended to give you a heads up about the changes than complain :)