Saturday 13 June 2009

A world first. Robinson R22 Beta Plus

Hidden among the May CAA register amendments is the initial registration of Robinson R22 Beta c/n 0944 as ZK-HFR2 for CHL Investments Ltd at Christchurch.
Just another R22 (yawn, yawn, boring, boring). WRONG.

This is a world first from Pacific Aircraft Services.
Pic below shows it as JA7755 at Christchurch on 07-11-2007 not long after removal from its container.


  1. So whats special about this R22 over other R22's?

  2. Its got an O-360 (Beta II) engine in it.............

  3. It has an 0360 turbocharged putting out 350hp. Capable of lifting 1 metric tonne & cruise of 175kts while consuming only 30 litres an hour. Can carry 2 passengers plus the pilot and baggage strapped to the rear skids for C of G purposes.
    Is also NVG equipped, optional winch and stretcher kit. The Beta Plus. In a class of its own.

  4. Sounds like the R22 is good on the gas. 175kts cruise? thats better the the standard crusing speed of 86kts.

  5. 175kts.

    If you take it up to 10,000ft and switch everything off.
    175kts vertical descent !

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