Thursday, 25 June 2009

What ever happened to ? # 1.

This is the first of a series enquiring about airframes that have been spotted around the country.

This Lake LA4-200 c/n 583 and ex DQ-FDO was noted at New Plymouth in May of 1985; I believe for Neil O'Connor (sp ?).

It had obviously arrived some time prior to this date in a container.

I know that this airframe started life as N65644 and then became VH-ETB, VP-PBA, F-OCXH, VP-PBA, H4-AAD and then DQ-FDO, which was cancelled on 20-07-1984.

Next sighting was at Nelson in July of 1994.

The Registration ZK-SUB was reserved in 1994 - possibly for this aircraft.

What has happened to this airframe since 1994 ?

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  1. Went to a Peter Bailey, Nelson after Neil O'Conner, Stratford.
    No idea what happened to it after that.