Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IMO. Cancelled

Robinson R22 Beta ZK-IMO , c/n 1010, was built in 1989 as N429DB and was listed to Sunrise Helicopters Inc of Stockton, California. It came to NZ and was assembled by Wing & Rotor at Ardmore to become ZK-HCR on 19-09-1990 for Hauraki Helicopters of Drury.
Ownership moved to B Dillon & C Thompson at Pahiatua on 02-09-2002.
It was damaged at Turangi on landing on 07-03-07 and cancelled on 05-07-07.
About mid August 2008 I came across an all white unmarked airframe at Heli-Maintenance at Christchurch. On the 26th the letters IMO were being attached - as in the above pic.
Three days later the tail boom had been added (pic below) and it came onto the register on 16-09-2008 with M S Hall of Wellington.
Less than a month later (13-10-08) it was listed to Astral Helicopters of Rotorua, however on December the 18th it suffered a dynamic rollover at Rotorua in the hands of a first solo pupil during a hovering exercise.
Its registration was cancelled (again) on June 12th 2009.


  1. Was this machines reg not changed to HGQ with helipro???

  2. Hi there Anonymous.

    As I have it.
    ZK-HGQ/4 has a c/n of 1438. This was previously ZK-IIZ for the time it takes to do a paper transaction on 13-05-2008. Before that it was ZK-HYT/3.

    The brief ZK-IIZ listing for the R22 was to clear the HYT/3 registration marks to allow the BK117 ZK-HGQ/3 to take them up to become ZK-HYT/4.
    Once that was done the R22 (temporarily IIZ) took over the now freed HGQ marks to become HGQ/4. All with Helipro/Rick Lucas.

  3. I was there the day it happened, I think the pupils name was "Mick" and it was his first solo hover, it resulted in Dynamic Rollover, as far as I know he never flew again.

    Terrible thing to happen to someone on their first solo anything!