Sunday 14 June 2009

Jurca MJ-5 Sirocco ZK-FNQ.

Marcel Jurca model MJ-5 Sirocco ZK-FNQ c/n AACA/601 was a ten year project that was listed to Owen Wylie Evans of Hawarden on 13-03-1987. Its first flight was on 05-07-1991 behind a 74 X 64 Sensenich prop onto an O-320 engine.
Pic below shows it at Rangiora on 19-02-1993.
It was sold and listed to Philip H Meredith of Christchurch on 01-08-2007.
(Phil also has the Bolkow Bo208C Junior ZK-CJG).
Since about that date the Sirocco has been undergoing a major refurbishment.
Pic below at Rangiora shows serious work in progress on 17-01-2009.
Yesterday (13-06-09) it was out in the air fresh at Rangiora getting very close to flying again.
Note the total lack of dihedral and the new canopy.
Meteorologically speaking a Sirocco (and an Auster for that matter) is a wind in the Mediterranean region. The Sirocco is a hot dusty wind which comes off Libya that becomes a cold damp and often very strong wind over Malta, Italy and Greece.

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