Sunday, 21 December 2014

Air New Zealand Engineering Training Services.

Air New Zealand Engineering Training Services have occupied the eastern end of hangar four at Christchurch Airport since I don't know when.
I believe this was constructed during World War Two.
 Above is the ANZETS end of the hangar - whilst below the western end is occupied by the ANZ Engineering Services Painting Facility.
This hangar is due to be demolished about mid next year.
 Contained within the ANZETS portion of this hangar are the following aircraft.
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 Aero Commander 500 ZK-CWP (c/n 500-842-98). This arrived in NZ in April 1968 and its registration was revoked on 03-07-2002.
There are three Piper PA-38-112 Tomahawks on site.
ZK-EIX (c/n 38-79A0649) went to the South Canterbury Aero Club in 1979. It had a heavy landing at Christchurch on 21-10-1998. Ownership changed to Ron Potts on 10-01-2000 - but did it ever fly again ? It was cancelled as withdrawn on 24-09-2004.
ZK-EQG (c/n 38-79A1144) began its career with the Nelson Aero Club in early 1980. After several ownership changes it was back with the Nelson Club when it was cancelled as withdrawn on 21-07-2006.
ZK-EVA1 ( c/n 38-81A0017) was new to the MDAC at Palmerston North in 1982.
Its claim to fame would have to be its mid-air collision with its hangar mate, Tomahawk ZK-EQM over Aokautere (near Palmerston North) on 30-07-1989.
It was later registered to the Ardmore Flying School until being cancelled as withdrawn on 24-12-1999.
Agusta AB206B ZK-HPB3 (c/n 8002) came to grief when it rolled on landing on the Fox Neve on 06-07-2002. It was cancelled on 07-02-2003.
Above is the Bell 206A JetRanger ZK-HVH2 (c/n 423). This was damaged near Turangi on 27-09-1991 and cancelled in June of 1992.
The two latest arrivals are the two ex Origin Pacific Airways British Aerospace Jetstream 31's ZK-JSA (c/n 839) and ZK-JSI (c/n 761). These were delivered in early May of 2012 after several years of outside storage at Nelson. They replaced the Fokker Friendships ZK-BXH and ZK-BXI.
ZK-JSA is in a near complete state whilst ZK-JSI's fuselage rests on wooden cradles.
One of these is destined for Auckland sometime next year.
Below is the Grumman American GA-7 Cougar ZK-PAP (c/n GA7-0084).
A new wooden framed hangar is currently under construction to house this collection close to the ANZES hangar one.
It is reasonably large - note the size of the worker on the lift on the far wall.
Pic below taken on 15-12-2014.
With thanks to ANZETS for access to their hangar.


  1. what happened to the old Harvard airframe that they had on wheels, without wings, and was last seen by me in the old NAC colours back in the early 70"s? (Bluebus, I have previously sent you a photo of the airframe)

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