Friday 10 October 2014

N39ED at Tauranga.

 Two shots taken today at Tauranga by Hairy Mole Rat showing the Aero L39C N39ED (c/n 831148) in its new paint scheme.
Check out the earlier post on this aircraft on the MRC blog.
What about the "VMF-214" markings ?
Could it be VMF-214 - better known as US Marine Corps Attack Squadron 214.
Well known during WWII as "The Black Sheep".
They also served well in Vietnam and more recently in "The Gulf" and Afghanistan.


  1. It would be VMFA-214. V is heavier than air, M is marine, F is fighter, A is attack.

  2. The period between Korea and Vietnam saw several significant changes for the Black Sheep. VMF was changed to VMA on July 9, 1957, designating the Squadron as "attack" rather than "fighter".

  3. That is one sexy looking L-38! Rumour has it it's now on the NZ register. Guess it will be flyimg soon!

  4. Yep. This L-39C was registered as ZK-EJA to Eastern Jets Ltd of Mt Maunganui on 03-12-2014.

  5. Nice to see my ex looking so well in its new habitat. It went to a good home. Ed